Asked & Answered: Why do his kids get mom and stepdad’s property?

Dear Ms. Allison: What happens to the property my mother and stepdad own if he dies and leaves it to his kids. PC in Southeastern Oklahoma

Dear PC:

I need more information to give you a real answer. For example:

  • Is your mother alive?
  • Is it her property or his? For example is only his name on their home or bank account or do they hold title joint with rights of survivorship?

If your mother is deceased, and your stepfather owns all his property in only his name, he can leave his property to whomever he likes.

If your stepfather has no will, all his property goes only to his children by state law.

If the property was jointly titled, there may be other options, depending on the type of joint ownership.

If you want a better answer, contact me to review your particular details.

To your success, Gale Allison

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