The Taming of The Feud Mediation Tips

Best Practice Tips for Successful Mediation

From how to prepare for mediation to handling confrontation in sessions, Gale Allison gives advice in tips based on her decades as a mediator, settlement negotiator, and litigator in the courtroom. She also interviews others involved in mediation and its outcomes such as judges, attorneys, and resource people like financial advisors, elder care case managers, CPAs, trust officers, and more. She'll include and credit their perspectives and experiences to add to the wisdom collected here.

Mediation Tips for Business, Estate & Trust Disputes Nationwide

On this page you'll find Ms. Allison's best practice tips for attorneys and their clients who mediate.

  • Are you unsure about trying mediation?
  • Do you fear having to do it alone without your support people?
  • Have you no interest in face-to-face confrontations with "the other side"?
  • Maybe you don't believe a mediation agreement can be enforced?
  • Did you experience a less-than-satisfactory mediation in the past?

Ms. Allison's tips are being collected and posted here to generate a common understanding about how you can be confident, non-confrontational, and successful in your mediation.

Nationwide Tips for Divorce and other Family Disagreements

Work in the IRS gift and estate tax unit and four decades each of experience in proper estate administration, gave our attorneys the skill to efficiently handle the complex problems that Beneficiaries and Fiduciaries commonly encounter.  With our exceptional legal and CPA team, we can address lawsuits regarding:

  • Inadequate or inaccurate preparation for an estate inventory or accounting

  • Interpretation of ambiguous provisions in the wide variety of estate planning documents, including no-contest clauses

  • Mishandling or misapplying the principal of trust assets

  • Commingling or theft of funds

  • Removal of fiduciaries for breach of duty

  • Incompetent estate or trust administration

  • Errors in taxation or tax planning that result in greater tax liability

  • Adverse death, gift, generation-skipping and fiduciary income tax issues, and more

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The Taming of the Feud Issue 3 | Best Practices for Success: Statement of the Case

One reason mediations fail is lack of preparation. There’s a vast advantage to the mediation process when all of the participants — mediator, attorneys, resource people, and clients — are fully prepared for the mediation day. Mediators are trained to call all the professionals well before the mediation date to discuss expectations, process, and preparation….


The Taming of the Feud Issue 2 | Best Practices for Success: Positive Attitude

Attorney advocates to a mediation can and should play a critical role in getting their clients great results from their mediations. As the mediator and dedicated neutral in the exchange, it is easy for me to identify the very best lawyering during the mediation. However, it has been my experience that some lawyers do not…


The Taming of the Feud Issue 1 | Best practices for Success: Voluntary Mediation

It is somewhat amazing to me how many different ways there are to approach mediation, both from the standpoint of the mediator and the standpoint of the attorneys and participants. Some methods are very successful and some are just downright awful. One thing I’ve seen consistently is that the most essential part of successful mediation…