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For Attorneys: The Taming of the Feud EMAIL

Subscribe to Gale Allison's The Taming of the Feud EMAIL for monthly best practice tips for Attorneys whose clients mediate.  These brief tips will assist you to help your clients get the best results from their mediation experience. She will also include interviews with other mediators, attorneys, advocates, and judges.

If you have tips or perspectives and can be interviewed for the email, please get in touch.

You ask, Gale Allison answers. Ms. Allison receives many questions on business, family, caregiving, and estate legal concerns that are great for blog topics, articles, and research. To ask about mediating your issue, visit the blog or press the button at the bottom of the page to Ask Your Question. 

Considered an authority in her subject matter, Gale Allison accepts invitations to speak on her areas of knowledge to professional continuing education (for attorneys, CPAs, financial planners), business groups, and the general public. Some of her papers from those presentations are here:

Ten Tips for the Advocate Mediating Family Disputes (Estates, Trusts, and Divorce) by Gale Allison, as presented to Tulsa Title and Probate Lawyers, January 25, 2023, and Tulsa Bar Association, February 9, 2023

Using Trust and Tax Solutions in Divorce Mediation, by Gale Allison and Vale Gonzalez, as published in the Oklahoma Bar Journal, page 24 in the March 2018 (Family Law) Issue.

Controlling the Pain - eBook Few people entering marriage believe it will fail despite ample evidence to the contrary. Yet, prenuptial contracts are still viewed with derision and suspicion, even by those who already have a divorce or two in their past! As Alexander Pope wrote, “Hope springs eternal…” The misery of divorce is more prevalent than ever in our country, with no certainty of outcomes. The statistics are daunting. But there are ways to mediate trust and tax solutions to ease the pain of divorce. Based on her paper with Vale Gonzales for the March 2018 Oklahoma Bar Journal, Gale Allison has turned the content into an e-book. Contact us for a free copy.

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