Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation Practice Areas

Few people entering marriage believe it will fail despite all evidence to the contrary, given that over half of all U.S. marriages fail, and second or third marriages are common. Adding to the stress and adversarial nature of it, divorce absolutely requires a Judge’s order in Court -- we must sue each other to get a divorce decree. Court records are public, so icing the misery cake is the fact that any curious person can look up, and most often, see how assets were divided. Even a “friendly” divorce calls for a Court decree, so the stress and anxiety continues. Gale Allison is here to help you make peace.

Mediation resolves disputes privately, out of court. Gale Allison, as an impartial mediator, helps all sides communicate with each other and avoid confrontation to arrive at a written, signed solution.

Mediating Divorce Issues

Divorce controversies revolve around lack of trust, breach of promise, differing directions, goals, spending habits, and changing life philosophies. After considerable time to decide to divorce, the issues causing it have been festering, often for years. Many couples cannot even sit in the same room or begin a conversation that does not turn into a screaming match. Others cannot communicate at all. Yet, sadly, if ever there was a time for clear, frank communication it is obviously when separating their lives, agreements, and assets, and arranging dependent care.

Gale Allison mediates most conflicts related to Divorce. Her goal is to help couples communicate so they can focus on mutual interests and live in peace with their settlement decisions in the areas of:

  • Need for Enhanced Privacy
  • Prenuptial Contracts
  • Ensuring Compliance with Divorce Decrees (e.g., Trust Solutions)
  • Separation of Assets
  • Complex Assets or High Stakes Divorces
  • Estate or Tax Plan Revisions
  • Business Ownership Concerns

Nationwide Divorce Mediator

Gale Allison knows the parties in Divorce disputes settle by removing unpleasant confrontation. She knows that couples recognize their needs and priorities, but require help to communicate and stay on task to find solutions. Without taking sides or making decisions she facilitates exploring and creating options to meet their mutual interests. She clearly sets and reinforces expectations, diplomatically keeping the focus on needs rather than positions or demands. Working easily between couples, attorneys, and independent expert resources she assures everyone understands the written agreement and the consequences of failure to agree. She helps people divided by differences create enforceable solutions and make peace.  For couples who want to keep their settlements completely private, Ms. Allison has a solution for that as well.

Gale Allison has decades as an attorney and business owner before becoming a certified Divorce and Family Mediator. She understands divorce and helping people customize creative solutions to their disputes is her practical approach to mediating Divorce conflicts. See her mediation credentials, explore her other types of mediation, and learn more in her Blog.

If you are facing sensitive conflicts surrounding Divorce issues anywhere in the USA: