Will, Trust, Estate, and Inheritance Mediation

Will, Trust, Estate, and Inheritance Mediation Practice Areas

Wills and Trusts become unchangeable at the death of a loved one, usually bringing a mixture of emotional pain and anticipation of inheritance. Estate plans (or lack thereof) are often misunderstood or do not fulfill expectations and so result in conflict. Disputes between Executors and Trustees and Beneficiaries are expensive and can destroy relationships. Whether it happens in Court or not, families are disrupted by inheritance disagreements. Gale Allison helps you find peace.

Mediation resolves disputes privately, out of Court. Gale Allison, as an impartial mediator, helps all sides communicate and avoid confrontation. She separates everyone, hears all sides, facilitates settlement negotiations, and ends the mediation with a written, signed agreement.

Mediating Inheritance Issues of All Kinds

When someone dies, complicated issues occur over Trusts, Wills, and when there is no Will. Beneficiaries usually do not understand how assets pass and who is responsible for debts or other legalities. Accidental disinheritances surprise blended families. Confusion and expectations cause conflicts. In Court, communication breaks down and winner-loser arguments escalate. Gale Allison’s talent for addressing the mutual interests of all parties assures settlements to which everyone can agree.

Gale Allison handles all types of conflicts related to Estates, Trusts, Wills, and Inheritances. With the goal of helping people communicate about difficult topics she facilitates settling differences so they live in peace with their decisions. Her extensive experience as a lawyer who focused her entire practice on Estate, Trust, and Tax issues makes her the perfect mediator for all types of Estate disputes including:

  • Estate Planning (e.g., Wills, Trusts)
  • Fiduciary and Control issues (Trustees, Executors, Personal Representatives, Administrators, Agents under Powers of Attorney, Guardians, et al.)
  • Mental competence and undue influence
  • When there is no Will
  • Disinheritances
  • Blended family issues
  • Accountability for Estate tax issues, filings, and challenges

Nationwide Will, Trust & Inheritance Mediator

Gale Allison knows that the parties in an Estate dispute often settle by removing unpleasant confrontation and conflict. She knows that those involved best recognize their needs and priorities, but require help to communicate and stay on task to arrive at solutions. She does not take sides or make decisions; rather, she facilitates exploring and creating options to meet their mutual interests. She clearly sets and reinforces expectations and diplomatically keeps the focus on needs, not positions or demands. Working easily between clients, attorneys, and independent expert resources she assures everyone understands the written agreement and the consequences of failure to agree. She helps people alienated by their differences create enforceable solutions and make peace.

Gale Allison was an estate and trust litigation attorney for years before becoming a certified mediator. Known as an “Estate Doctor” and with a Master’s in Taxation, her approach to estate mediation is thorough. See her legal and mediation credentials, explore her other types of mediation, and of course, learn more in her Blog.

If you are facing complicated estate or trust administration and inheritance conflicts anywhere in the USA: